Order Delivery Date for Shopify

What is Delivery Date?
Delivery Date provides a stylish date picker in the shopping cart to enable customers select a date for delivery of their order during checkout.
Orders are then displayed by delivery date so you can very quickly see when orders are due to be fulfilled.
Orders can also be exported by delivery date in CSV format to share with your fulfillment service.
Delivery Date makes it easy to customize the look and options of the delivery date picker without any coding or development skills required.

Great user experience for customers with a simple, stylish, easy to use date picker.
Never miss a shipment deadline again. See at a glance which orders are due for shipment and export only those orders to your fulfillment provider.
Customize the delivery date selector to fit your needs without any coding or development effort.

Delivery date request - Customers can select a delivery date for their orders in their shopping cart.
List orders by delivery date - Shop owners can view all their orders listed by delivery date.
Export orders by delivery date - Shop owners can export all the orders for a specific delivery date in CSV format.
Customize date picker widget - Modify accompanying text for date selection widget.
Choose delivery availability - Choose days of the week when you can deliver e.g. exclude weekends.
Blackout specific dates - Select specific dates (e.g. public holidays) when delivery is not possible.
Delivery lead time - Set minimum delivery lead time e.g. for a delivery lead time of 3 days, the earliest delivery option for an order placed on the 2nd would be the 5th.
Cutoff time - Set cut-off time for orders e.g. any order after 9pm will have the same delivery options as orders created the next day.


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