Order Delivery Date Template for Shopify

  Let customers choose the delivery date
·        Add deliverydate tags on order
·        Easy to install - No additional fee!

This app allows you to do the following
·        Set cutoff time with same day or next day
·        Ability to allow the customer to select Delivery Date along with Delivery Time in cart page
·        Disable the weekdays and Holidays on which you do not deliver the order.
·        Users will not able to select previous dates
·        Customer can add note with order
·        All text is convertible in your language
·        Order listing with Delivery date and time, also with order status
·        You set delivery date field labels as per your business requirements.

Delivery date request - Customers can select a delivery date for their orders in their shopping cart.
List orders by delivery date - Shop owners can view all their orders listed by delivery date.
Export orders by delivery date - Shop owners can export all the orders for a specific delivery date in CSV format.
Customize date picker widget - Modify accompanying text for date selection widget.
Choose delivery availability - Choose days of the week when you can deliver e.g. exclude weekends.
Blackout specific dates - Select specific dates (e.g. public holidays) when delivery is not possible.
Delivery lead time - Set minimum delivery lead time e.g. for a delivery lead time of 3 days, the earliest delivery option for an order placed on the 2nd would be the 5th.
Cutoff time - Set cut-off time for orders e.g. any order after 9pm will have the same delivery options as orders created the next day.


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